Month: November 2017

Nyaya – A tyrant king.

प्रजाशोषकराजान्यायःIt takes its origin from the fact that it is the duty of a worthy king to do everything in his power to secure the comforts and happiness of his subjects. It is used to indicate worthlessness of a king who...

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Nyaya – The root and the suffix.

प्रकृतिप्रत्ययर्शयोप्रत्ययर्शस्यप्रधानात्वमिति न्यायःThe meaning of a word or a root depends upon that of the suffix for completion of sense. It is applied in cases in which the question of the superiority or inferiority is to...

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Nyaya – The light.

प्रकाशाश्रयन्यायःIt is used to denote that ignorance or fear is removed from where there is knowledge or wisdom, just as darkness is chased away from the place when there is light.

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Nyaya – The general and the special.

प्रकल्प्यचपवदविषयं तत् औत्सर्ग्?भिनिविसते न्यायःThe application of the general holds true everywhere except the cases coming under the special, similarly the subordinate are to exercise their power in the places that are not...

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