Year: 2018

Nyaya – Sunrise and sunset.

सूर्योदयास्तन्यायःThe maxim takes its origin from the erroneous notion regarding the motion of the sun who has, broadly speaking, no motion, but still erroneously beleived by people to be rising in the east and setting down in...

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Nyaya – Thread and cloth.

सुत्रशाटिकान्यायःThe maxim takes its origin from the word “cloth” being used even when it is not in existence, the threads only being put in order for the purpose of making it, and denotes that a thing is freely...

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Nyaya – The needle and the kettle.

सूचिकटाहन्यायःIt is used to denote that when two things one easy and the other difficult are required to be done, the easier should be first attended to, as when a smith is required to make a needle and a kettle, he should first...

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