षडाननं कुङ्कुमरक्तवर्णं
महामतिं दिव्यमयूरवाहनम् ।
रुद्रस्य सूनुं सुरसैन्यनाथं
गुहं सदा शरणमहं प्रपद्ये ॥

I seek refuge for ever with the six-faced God of vermilion complexion, the son of Rudra, leader of the army of gods, who possessed of great intelligence, and mounted on a celestial peacock, ever resides in the cave of human hearts.

Word meanings:
षाडाननं = the six-headed one Karthikeya;
महामतिं = the great minded one;
दिव्यमयूरवाहनं = the divine peacock vehicle;
रुद्रस्य = Rudra’s;
सूनुं = the son;
सुरसैन्यनाथं = the leader of the army of the gods;
गुहं = guha refers to Karthikeya;
सदा = always; ever;
शरणमहं = refuge, I;
प्रपद्ये = I sing; worship;