कस्तूरीतिलकं ललाटफलके वक्षस्थले कौस्तुभं
नासाग्रे नवमौक्तिकं करतले वेणुं करे कङ्कणम् ।
सर्वाङ्गे हरिचंदनं च कल्याण कण्ठेच मुक्तावलिन्
गोपस्त्री परिवेष्टितो विजयते गोपाल चूडामणि ॥

With the fragrant kasturi-mark on the forehead, the precious Kaustubha gem on the chest, the lovely pearl-jewel at the nose tip, the flute in the palm and the kankan (bangle) encircling the hand, the scented sandalwood paste all over the body, the pearl-necklace around the beautifid neck, surrounded by milk-maids – may victory be yours, 0 crown gem of Gopalas.

Word meanings:
कस्तूरीतिलकं = forehead mark made by Kasturi fragrance supposed
to be originated in Deer’s navel;
वक्षस्थले = on the chest;
कौस्तुभं = the gem Kaustubha found during churning of ocean by Devas and Asuras;
नासाग्रे = at the tip of the nose;
नवमौक्तिकं = the like the new pearl;
करतले = in the palm of the hand;
वेणुं = the flute;
करे = in the hand;
कङ्कणं = a bracelet;
सर्वाङ्गे = in all parts of the body;
हरिचंदनं = sandalpaste;
च = and;
कल्याण = happy; beautiful; auspices; prosperous; good, etc.;
कण्ठ = throat;
गोपस्त्री = the cow-herd woman;
परिवेष्टितो = surrounded, wrapped with clothes;
विजयते = wins; becomes victorious;
गोपाल = at (M.nom.) the protector of cow; refers to lord Krishna;
चूडामणि = at (M.nom.) the head or crest-jewel;