प्रातर्नमामि तमसः परमर्कवर्णं
पूर्ण सनातन पदं पुरुषोत्तमाख्यम् ।
यस्मिन्निदं जगदशेषं अशेषभूतं
रज्ज्वां भुजङ्गं इव प्रतिभासितं वै ॥

Early in the morning, I adore the Supreme Self, who is beyond ignorance, bright as the sun, in whom this entire world is superimposed like a snake in the rope; Who is the Eternal Abode, ever full, known as Purushottama — the best of souls.

Word meanings:
प्रातर्नमामि = I shall bow down in the morning;
तमसः = from darkness;
पूर्ण = full; completely filled; infinite;
सनातन = the ancient;
पदं = step ; leg; word;
पुरुषोत्तमाख्यं = said to be or known as purushottama i.e. the best among men;
यस्मिन्निदं = in whom, this;
जगदशेषं = the world without any remainder;
अशेषभूतं = one who existed without any remainder or without the
`seSha’ serpant god;
रज्ज्वां = the rope or the one with a rope;
भुजङ्गं = the serpant;
इव = like; similar to; as it were;
प्रतिभासितं = reflected one;
वै = indeed; surely;