कात्यायन्यै च विद्महे । कन्यकुमार्यै धीमहि ।
तन्नो दुर्गा प्रचोदयत् ॥

This is my offering to the goddess kAtyAyini . I meditate to this virgin goddess les hele artikkelen. Let that durgA, (who can be approached only by great penance) inspire me.

Word meanings:
कात्यायन्यै = to the goddess Katyayini;
च = and;
विद्महे = offering;
कन्यकुमार्यै = to goddess Durga;
धीमहि = May meditate;
दुर्गा = goddess Durga (one who can be approached or realised with
great difficulty e.g. `durgaH’ meaning a fort );
प्रचोदयत् = induces; activates;